Have you ever met one of those people who never meet a stranger? Well meet Sherri Bratcher. I have watched her so many times, walk into a room of complete strangers and in just a few minutes she will know the life stories of many of them, she has that gift. People seek her out and share their life and needs with her, it is simply amazing to watch. You see people know in a moment that Sherri is the real deal and that they’re safe to share themselves with her.

Besides raising our kids, enjoying the grandchildren and taking care of me, Sherri has been in some form of ministry inside and outside of the local church all of her adult life. As an educator she taught school for twelve years. Her passion during that time was teaching first time readers. As a minister she has served on the pastoral staff of a mega church having the oversight of pastoral care ministries and managing a volunteer staff of more than forty. Since 2000 she has been assisting me in building Ransom Ministries. Sherri has been instrumental in the pioneering and the vision of everything we do in evangelistic ministry.

Sherri’s love for people is now drawing her to accept opportunities/invitations to share her experiences and love with others by speaking at women’s conferences and teaching from her many gifts.