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Sherri is one of those rare individuals who ‘walks the talk’.  She is a living, breathing model of how to extend the love and grace of God to see lives and relationships restored.  Combining Biblical truth, anointing of the Holy Spirit, and her powerful life testimony, Sherri ministers to the very heart of women, bringing healing, restoration of relationships, maturity, and hope!   She is a true inspiration!
Nancy Stafford, Actress, Speaker, Author (Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You and The Wonder of His Love: Journey into the Heart of God) 

It is obvious to me that Sherri has experienced the smile of God on her life…her fresh approach to limitless  living and true joy could not be fabricated, but only authenticated by a true encounter and vibrant relationship with Jesus. Through pain and brokenness she has discovered the extravagant power of God’s love to heal deep wounds and find freedom from the captivity of fear, abuse and shame.
Sherri has been loved…and her response is a beautiful gift of loving others in a way that brings wholeness to every woman that encounters her teaching and encouragement.  Her disarming sincerity effectively displays the grace of God, and her powerful message will leave every person saturated in God’s presence. 
It is rare that I meet someone as beautiful as Sherri Bratcher.  She loves life, laughs easy and then effortlessly engages us in finding Jesus in a deeper way.
Audrey Meisner, Best Selling Author of Marriage Under Cover & Television host at My New Day
I have had the privilege of knowing Sherri Bratcher for 10 years as a fellow minister, prayer partner, guest speaker and friend.  Sherri has the natural ability to let everyone in the room feel like they are the most important person in the world and radiates the warmth and unconditional love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, like none other.   Her arms are always wide open to offer hugs and love to the “whosoever’s”  of her world and a beautiful smile that lets you know, “You matter to God…and to me”!   She has a gift of speaking into the lives of women and offers a message of hope, love, mercy and grace and demonstrates the redemptive power of the cross of Calvary.   It is always a joy to my heart and the women of Life Church Omaha, to have Sherri Bratcher with us, and as a friend I trust her explicitly and thank God for the life of this woman whom I call, Friend.  With my whole heart, I recommend Sherri Bratcher and am honored to do so.
Jamie Weasel, Pastor at Life Church in Omaha, NE
“The ministry of Sherri Bratcher brings a fresh look into the true reality of the life that many women live, and the struggles they go through.  As Sherri shares her real-life experiences of pain, brokenness, healing & restoration, the Word of God is illuminated, and God the Father is glorified!   Sherri’s honesty, transparency,  and genuine love for people melt even the hardest hearts, of women & men alike.    She is truly a viable messenger of the redeeming power of Christ and His love for mankind, and a treasure to all who know her.”
Tracy Frech, Worship & Women’s Pastor at Church of the Harvest in Olathe, KS  
“Sherri Bratcher lives her message of hope and faith.  Her transparency, powerful testimony and encouragement to  live from a healed heart inspires and empowers women to live beyond the idealistic Christian facade.  Sherri says it like it is – her love for others and her life with Jesus is all about living a real relationship with real strength and real freedom.”
Lisa Apking, Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Church of Blue Springs 

Sherri is an incredibly hopeful God filled women of God.  She has great life and God breathed experience that can help minister to any person in need. I highly recommend her!!!
Debbie Gungor, Lead Pastor at Celebration Church in Green Bay, WI  

Sherri Bratcher has been a beloved and trusted friend and ministry partner for nearly three decades. I have watched her live and grow in the Jesus way–always loving, sharing, and giving. She has helped countless individuals through tough times, and she and Jimmie have helped save many marriages. She is always an encouragement–a transformed woman being used to others.
Peri Zahnd, Pastor at Word of Life Church in St Joseph, MO


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